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In anticipation of her new website launch, Emi Conner was looking to transform the way her brand spoke to her customers and define its persona to create a magical experience for anyone who was to come across her dreamy collection of fine jewellery. I loved working with Emi to uncover what her brand meant to her; using carefully curated words to convey a clear message and reveal a story crafted with intention, positivity and a little added sparkle. Through extensive research of her industry competitors and aspirational brands, I worked with the influence of nature, colour, the energy of the Earth and Emi’s Thai heritage to tell her story with imagination and a sincere tone of voice to instil a sense of modern-bohemia and mindfulness. Complete with full website copy, brand-story, mission statement and signature taglines along with keywords, Google result descriptions and social media bios, Emi Conner Jewellery’s writing now carries consistency, adventure, authenticity and magic!

Read extracts below and visit the brand here.

emii67UYHJ copy.png
6KEY7UYHJ copy.png


"I needed help with copywriting and have been searching for a while. Luckily I found Ellie! Ellie crafted my brand story beautifully, she wrote it like she knows me very well and I am impressed. It was a great experience working with Ellie. Thank you for your great work!"


Emi Conner, Emi Conner Jewelry.

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