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My branding background began in social media marketing… around the time when businesses began to realise that social was the new way to advertise and an area they simply had to have covered. Being in an agency environment, I worked with hundreds of new brands in the fashion and beauty industries; working with them to instil the idea that creating lifestyle and community around brands would soon become the only way people would buy into them, in preference to the long-established idea of shameless selling and product promotion. 


The best part of that job was working with the brands to discover their tone of voice and sourcing beautiful imagery. The most challenging part of the job was building an online identity without thoughtful branding - knowing that my clients had a vision that didn’t match the look of their branding made it difficult for them to tell their story. My colleagues and I would spend hours subtly re-working logos and shifting colour palettes to fit our ideas, but without a complete re-brand, businesses would often find themselves somewhere between traditional advertising and the digital era. 


This way of working made me understand the importance of branding, and how it works effortlessly to influence a notion in just one moment. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to uncover brands’ identities and use branding to tell their stories.


Fast-forward almost a decade, and we all now know that over-selling just doesn’t do it anymore, and with the transparency of sponsorship and endorsements, products alone are no longer enough. Audiences are seduced by brands illustrating a lifestyle - using dreamy photography, tactile packaging, intriguing blogs and pretty printery to captivate a cult following. From an initial impression, comes an overall experience that falls into place. 


The work I create is designed for longevity and timelessness. Developing design styles and focusing on working with a limited number of brands at any one time, telling brands’ stories has become my thing and something that I love to do, more now than ever.


Branding has evolved to a wonderfully creative process in itself, before all else, it’s the first act a business takes to uncover its spirit, and I believe it speaks a thousand words. 

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Thanks for reading, Ellie x

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