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Welcome to StudioNellie, long overdue, a place I’ve been working on for some time…

A space where I can bring ideas to life. I am hoping to journal my creative story and lifestyle through regular entries of recent projects, how-to’s and blogs.  


Though the getaways and festivals for 2020 are cancelled, I feel incredibly grateful to have been given this recent downtime to rediscover what I love and where I want to be. I have learned how to focus, how to make the most of my time and to enjoy all the little steps along the way.


I know I am not alone, and that many others have uncovered new and exciting chapters and have remembered what makes them happy. Dreams have grown bigger and as we evolve towards the new normal, I believe that everyone has an idea that will turn a side hustle into an opportunity. 


Take a look through my studio for how I can help bring your ideas to life and tell your story through beautiful branding and design.

If you’d like to get in touch, simply click below.

Thanks for reading, Ellie x

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