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branding / design + printery


Dazed by almost too much inspiration, LK Cosmetics wished for a clear path to define their identity with coherent branding that would provide longevity online and in print. Wanting it to feel girly and mellow, yet classic and memorable, I was inspired by sun-kissed clay and the bronzed palms of Southern California to create an intentionally laid-back but palatial vibe for LK Cosmetic’s branding. The collection features an assortment of changeable logos along with custom typeface, colour palette and moodboard to maintain an atmosphere that feels natural and consistent to align with the brand's demographic. Gift vouchers made up with crafted envelopes deliver a notion of self-care ahead of client's bookings, whilst detailed treatment booklets illustrate advanced skincare, brow services and makeup artistry as a tangible portfolio of treatments - designed to capture the luxurious one-on-one tailored service LK Cosmetics impart.

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"I am really happy that I chose Ellie to do my rebranding for my beauty business. I found her ideas to be unique and very much aligned with how I wanted my branding to be perceived. Ellie is super helpful, with great communication throughout my project and all put together in good time. I'm really happy with the finished gift vouchers and treatment lists; and the service I received. Highly recommended! Thank you Ellie x"


Laura Queen, LK Cosmetics Clinic.

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