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brand strategy / branding / design & printery


As Olive & Nola’s brand journey begins, I worked with them to outline a clear strategy that will help them achieve and maintain consistency that’s true to their brand story. Understanding their ideal customer and the way in which they shop was key in curating customers’ experiences to emulate a subtly opulent lifestyle. Being an online store meant that adaptable branding was important, as were tangible finishing touches that would arrive packaged beautifully with their orders. Uncovering an aesthetic that felt like a hazy summer’s afternoon drew inspiration from their Italian origins; their logo series can be reworked endlessly, whilst the honey and linen colour palette works with high-finish textures to feel like the glossy elegance of the Italian riviera and the earthy bohemian simplicity of the Amalfi coast.


Brand launching soon. 

newsizenola copyfinal.png
Business Card Mockup 2.jpg


"From the very first moment, Ellie just got it. She could see my vision and has uncovered an identity that I didn’t realise was so important for new brands. She’s guided me through a simple marketing strategy, helped me to know how to use my branding and to understand the impact of making an experience for customers. I would recommend Ellie to anyone that has an idea but no idea where to start."

Sophia Oliver, Olive & Nola.

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