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Inspired by Balearic brunching and Ibiza's finest hotels, the branding for StandenMay is notably simplistic with logo variations effortlessly reflecting both its familiar dependability and its care-free atmosphere. Famous for its Instagram-able style and party girl vibe, growing the brand has been an on-going strategy I’ve refined on over a number of years encompassing an assortment of marketing techniques to an endless effect. A distinctively sassy tone of voice and strong, selective imagery have worked together consistently through social media, blog posts and printery to achieve a recognisably interactive client experience and ‘girl-gang’ cult following that has reimagined the simple notion of getting your hair done.


Visit the brand here.



"Ellie is a pleasure to work with. She goes beyond the understanding of your brand's needs and wants and becomes a part of the brand itself. Allowing her to let her imagination run free has helped our own ideas to grow too. The freedom to let her do what she does best has grown our relationship from client to partnership. Creativity aside, she's the support any small business needs in order to evolve and flourish."

Paul Standen-May, StandenMay.

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